Who We Are

Our mission is to set the gold standard for integrative health care in the workplace.

We provide cost-effective, preventative health care programs that promote long-term wellness and vitality. Our services empower employees to unlock resources of energy that optimize their ability to innovate, collaborate, and adapt in today’s competitive business environment.

Commitment to Quality

We have a team dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and patient care that uses an analytical, data-driven approach to quality improvement. We analyze trends, both client-specific and industry-wide, as part of our framework to ensure clients consistently receive the highest level of service, customized to fit their needs.

A More ‘Whole-istic’ Alternative
We focus exclusively on modalities that take into account the whole person (body, mind, spirit) and the inherent knowledge we have about our own bodies. Our goal is to help patients feel empowered about their health care, giving them the opportunity to be more proactive versus reactive.

Emphasis on Integration
While our specialty is alternative health, as a company we strongly believe in the importance of integrated health care. We are honored to work with a wide variety of partners in the medical field and value any opportunity to collaborate on the primary goal of providing the most comprehensive health care we can to our clients.